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Also known as home credit loans, doorstep loans are a form of a bad credit advance. It works by having an agent personally visit your place to explain everything you need to know about the loan and finalize all the loan-related paperwork right in the comfort of your own home. The same agent will go back on to recollect your payment until it is fully settled. Normally, the doorstep loans agent will come back once a week and will be available if you have any concerns.

Like other bad credit, doorstep loans are compensated within a short period, and it comes with a fixed interest. This means that the interest associated with the loan will not increase even if the market changes. It is an advantage since you already know the amount you need to settle ahead of time. Moreover, a lump sum payment is not required, thus a good option for those who cannot afford big loan repayments.

The loan amount you applied for is delivered to your door, and collections are done the same way. This offers a unique personal service that cannot be seen from other loan options. Meanwhile, the one on one discussion offered by the agent gives you more chances to clarify your concerns or questions. Doorstep loans provide a fairly small amount and credit checks on a case to case basis. Nonetheless, it accepts borrowers with a bad credit rating and even those who are unemployed and receiving benefits.

doorstep loans and alternative cash lenders

Advantages Of Doorstep Loans

Meeting an agent face to face already sounds like a good deal since this gives you the opportunity to relay your concerns, credit needs, and anything related with your finances that can help you with the loan.  The person who will visit your place is not just any individual; rather, it is some who has the right knowledge and experience and can assist you to find the best repayment in regards with your doorstep loans. Every visit from the lender will be based on your most convenient time and date, therefore helping you control your finances. It’s also a relief to know that you don’t have to spend time or even money just to visit another lender’s office and carry a hefty paperwork for the application.

Doorstep loans can be used on almost anything. It can be used as a fund to tide you over the next month or to settle for emergency bills. One drawback, however, is the high interest but the convenience and personal service it provides need to be taken into account. Remember, the money is delivered right at your doorstep and will be recollected right at the same place. There’s no need to visit a loan office or a bank account, thus reducing the effort spent compared to the traditional way of borrowing a loan.

Another advantage is the instant approval. With doorstep loans, all you need to do is fill in an application form online and in a matter of hours, you will find out whether you’ve been approved or not. Doorstep lenders value the time you’re waiting, thus making the entire loan application easier and smoother as possible. No paperwork is required; there’s no need to fax or email anything. All they need are some primary details that will verify your capacity to settle the loan. Some of these include your age, employment details, residency, and a source of income. In this case, it’s important to consider only those who can prove their legitimacy. Licensed lenders will provide the maximum protection for the confidential information you’ve provided so you’re guaranteed that it will not be shared or sold to any unauthorized parties.

In addition, the loan is available for people on benefits. This is a huge help when you can barely walk or stand due to an illness. The amount offered can be used to fund medical bills, buy medical equipment or supply, or as an extra cash to tide you over the next month. Borrowers with a bad credit remark also have the chance to improve their credit rating through doorstep loans. Just be sure to settle the loan on time and avoid defaulting on the debt. After all, a good credit score will help you financially since creating a new line of credit won’t be difficult anymore. This will also give way to a lower interest rate, a bigger loan amount, and a more flexible repayment term.

What You Should Take Note Of

Before you get doorstep loans, be sure to consider a few things first. Make sure that they are authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority and can produce any legal proof, such as a provident. Otherwise, the lenders are known as “loan shark” and this kind of loan providers should be avoided at all cost. They do not go to credit reference agencies to report, thus the loan acquired from them will not have any bearing on your credit rating nor will assist you in creating a credit history. Therefore, whether you have a bad or excellent credit history, it’s best to go to a licensed lender so you can have the loan you need with a reasonable repayment amount while ensuring that your efforts in compensating the loan will be credited properly.

It’s also ideal to shop and compare different doorstep loans providers before you fill in an application from their website. This will help you find the right lender who offers the lowest rates. Do a background check on the potential lender to ensure that they have the right license to operate in your state. No matter how desperate you are, avoid settling in the first lender you see online since this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the best products and services. Reading a few feedbacks from their previous clients is also essential as this will give you a glimpse of the lender’s customer service and the overall lending experience they provide. Not all loan providers are created equal so it’s safe to invest in your time researching first before actually applying for the loan.



Representative Example:
305.9% APR. £400 borrowed for 90 days.
Total amount repayable is £561.92 in 3 monthly instalments of £187.31.
Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate 161.9% (variable)

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